White Paper on Big Data

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With the core logic of releasing the value of data elements, the White Paper focuses on the policy, law, technology, management, flow and security of big data, and provides an outlook on the development of big data in China during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

I. Global Big Data Strategies Have Been Further Deepened
(I) Big Data Strategies Abroad Are Steadily Advancing
(II) China's Big Data Strategy Has Been Thoroughly Implemented
II. The Big Data Legal System Has Been Continuously Improved
(I) Basic Laws: Provide a Basic Framework for Data Compliance
(II) Efforts Made by the Ministries and Commissions: Refine and Implement Basic Compliance Requirements
(III) Local Legislation: Focus on Innovations to Tackle Compliance Challenges
III. Big Data Technology Systems Have Been Developed, Innovated and Transformed
(I)Improving Efficiency: Leverage Cloud-Native Thinking for Capability Upgrades
(II)Empowering Business: Unlock Business Potential with Development Platforms
(III) Enhancing Security: Complement Endogenous Security with “Zero Trust”
(IV) Facilitating Flow: Safeguard Data Flow with Privacy Computing
IV. The Implementation of Data Asset Management Practices Has Accelerated
(I) Policies Drive Continued Development of Data Asset Management
(II)Gradual Progress Has Been Made in Building Enterprise Data Management Capacity
(III) DataOps Has Accelerated Data Asset Management Upgrades
(IV) Value-based Operations Give Rise to New Modes of Data Asset Management
V. Data Flow Has Been Steadily Explored from Multiple Perspectives
(I) Parties Concerned Actively Explore Changes and Innovations in Data Flow Modes
(II) Emerging Technology Solutions Change the Traditional Forms of Data Flow
(III) Methods and Rules for Division of Powers and Responsibilities for Data Flow Have Been Continuously Explored
VI. The Data Security System Has Been Gradually Improved
(I) Domestic Data Security Regulation Has Been Put In Place
(II) Enterprise Data Security Governance Has Achieved Initial Results
(III) The Development of Data Security Closed-loop System Has Accelerated
VII. Outlook on Big Data Development

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