White Paper: China’s Fintech Ecology

  • 【Published by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Complied by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Published in】

      October 2021


The White Paper is a series of achievements released by China Academy of Information and Communication Technology for the fourth consecutive year. As the global market accelerates to recover from the epidemic, China’s fintech market is undergoing profound changes under a prudent and stable regulatory environment. The White Paper systematically reviews the status quo and trends of fintech industry at home and abroad from the perspectives of industry supervision, technology hotspots, industrial application and development trend. The series of white papers have become an important reference for the development of China’s fintech industry.



1.       Overall Development Trend of Global Fintech Ecology

(1)     Global Market Has Seen Changes Amid Overall Stability Due to the Impact of COVID-19, and Fintech Developing Faster and Taking on New Directions

(2)     Strengthening Oversight in Key Areas Such as Digital Currency, With More Obvious Cross-Regional Synergies

(3)     Reactivation of Investment and Financing Activities, and Sustained Growth Trends in Key Areas and Directions


2.       Overall Development Trend of China’s Fintech Ecology

(1)     Fintech Regulation Tends to Be Prudent, With More Emphasis on Promoting Social Economy

(2)     Development Pattern of Fintech Market Has Undergone Profound Changes, With Openness and Ecological Cooperation Becoming Mainstream

(3)     Scale of Fintech Investment and Financing Gradually Recovering, Regional Layout and Investment Level Constantly Upgrading


3.       Evolution of Key Fintech Technologies

(1)     Technology Drives Upgrading of Financial Infrastructure in Middle and Back Areas to Consolidate Digital Base of Financial Industry

(2)     Distributed Transformation and Application of Open Source Technology Facilitate Ecological Development of Fintech Independent Innovation

(3)     5G Improves the Internet of Things and Effectively Enhances Financial Perception

(4)     Accelerated Evolution of Data Intelligence Technology Promotes Further Release of Data Factor Value in Financial Industry

(5)     Blockchain Promotes Innovation of Financial Service Models and Continuously Develops Trust Value

(6)     Growing Demand for “Zero Trust” and Accelerated Implementation of Full-Stack Financial Security Technology


4.       Development of Fintech Hotspot Applications

(1)     Development of Digital RMB Further Accelerated, and Scope of Pilot Program Continuously Expanded

(2)     Mobile Payment has been Upgraded to Intelligence, and Cross-Border Payment Has Become a Hot Scene

(3)     Supervision Has Strengthened Compliance Requirements for High-Quality Risk Control, and Construction of Intelligent Risk Control Platforms Has Accelerated

(4)     As Application of Insurance Technology Continues to Deepen, Multiple Factors Are Driving Acceleration of Digital Transformation in Insurance Industry

(5)     New Changes in Competition in Wealth Management Market Have Made Value of Technology Applications More Prominent


5.       Fintech Helps High-Quality Social and Economic Development

(1)     Fintech Empowers Rural Revitalization and Realizes “Precise Drip Irrigation” in Key Areas

(2)     Fintech Enhances Supply of Green Finance and Forms a “Green Consensus” for a Low-Carbon Economy

(3)     Leveraging Strengths of Fintech and Industrial Digitalization to Improve Endogenous Power of Digital Economy


6.       Prospects of Development Trend of Ecological Integration of Finance and Technology

(1)     Internal Driving Force of Industry More Prominent, and Market Pattern Presents a New Trend

(2)     Focusing More on Customer Satisfaction, and Improving Service Capabilities for Different Customers

(3)     Technology Applications Gradually Drive Organizational Change and Promote Transformation of Organizational Structure in Multiple Directions

(4)     Various Factors Accelerate Digital Transformation of Industry, and Understanding and Layout of Transformation More Systematic

(5)     Regulatory Pilots Continue to Expand, and Regulatory Framework and System Construction Still Has a Long Way to Go

(6)     Fintech Integrated into Industrial Digital Transformation Ecology Helps Digital Economy Development

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