White Paper: Broadband Development in China

  • 【Published by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Complied by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Published in】

      September 2021


The White Paper comprehensively summarizes the development situation and achievements of broadband network in China, conducts preliminary analysis and research on the evolution trend of global broadband network, and puts forward measures and suggestions to address shortcomings in the development of broadband network in China, expecting to provide reference for all sectors of society.



1.       Broadband Strategy of Great Significance, Speeding Up New Journey of the 14th Five-Year Plan

(1)     Prominent Role of Broadband Network in Enabling High-Quality Development

(2)     Policy Deployment Points Out a New Direction for Broadband Network Evolution

(3)     Market Players Accelerate Broadband Upgrading Construction


2.       Seizing Momentum to Promote Broadband Construction for Leapfrog Development of Comprehensive Capabilities

(1)     Continuous Upgrading of Network Infrastructure to Major Channels

(2)     Upgrading of Dual Band Gigabit for Ultra-High-Speed Users

(3)     Steadily Improving User Experience to Be High-Quality and Inclusive

(4)     Continuously Promoting Balanced and Coordinated Development of Urban and Rural Areas

(5)     Constantly Pursuing Energy-Efficient, Low-Carbon and Green Development

(6)     Application-Empowered Expansion and Upgrading of Industries


3.       Broadband Networks Continuously Restructured, Evolution and Development Enter a Critical Stage

(1)     Accelerating Innovation and Upgrading, Technical Standards Become an Important Focus

(2)     Comprehensive Speed and Quality Improvement, Network Deployment Enters Fast Lane of Development

(3)     Intensifying Demand, Computing Facilities Usher in a New Boom in Construction

(4)     Deep Integration and Empowerment, Platform Applications Release New Economic Vitality


4.       Seizing Strategic Opportunities to Advance Broadband Network to a Higher Level

(1)     Strengthening Research and Development and Innovation Breakthrough of New Technologies

(2)     Promoting Digital Infrastructure Development

(3)     Accelerating Large-Scale Implementation of Integrated Applications

(4)     Implementing Energy Saving and Emission Reduction to Boost Low-Carbon Economy

(5)    Creating an Orderly and Sound Environment for Development

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