White Paper: China’s Wireless Economy

  • 【Published by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Published in】

      October 2021


The White Paper defines wireless economy for the first time and measures its scale. Wireless economy is considered as an economic form that takes radio spectrum as the key production factor and wireless technology as the core driving force, and through the deep integration of wireless technology and real economy, continuously improves the level of digitalization, networking and intelligence of traditional industries, and accelerates the reconstruction of economy and governance model.



1.       Connotation and Framework of Wireless Economy

(1)     Connotation and Framework of Wireless Economy

(2)     Related Research at Home and Abroad


2.       Wireless Economy Has Become an Important Part of China’s National Economy

(1)     Booming Wireless Economy

(2)     Characteristics of Wireless Economic Development


3.       Highlights in Various Areas of Wireless Economy

(1)     Wireless Industry Continues to Grow Rapidly

(2)     Wireless Technology Empowers Various Industries

(3)     Continuous Improvement of Wireless Governance Capabilities


4.       Problems and Challenges

(1)     Upstream Wireless Industry Highly Dependent on External Sources

(2)     Difficulty in Global Unified Planning and International Coordination of Spectrum Resources

(3)     Contradiction Between Supply and Demand of Spectrum Resources and Structural Shortage Increasingly Prominent

(4)     5G Wireless Not Empowering Core Business Areas of Industry


5.       Measures and Suggestions

(1)     Promoting Development of Wireless Industry and Building Foundation for Wireless Economy Development

(2)     Strengthening Wireless Empowerment and Expanding New Space for Wireless Economic Development

Strengthening Spectrum Resource Management and Consolidating Foundation for Wireless Economic Development

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