China Internet Industry Development Trend and Prosperity Index Report

  • 【Published by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Published in】

      September 2021


The report reveals that over the past five years, China’s Internet industry has achieved leapfrog development, with an increasingly solid network foundation, a constantly improved ecosystem and significantly enhanced comprehensive strength, through dramatic changes from high-speed to mid- and high-speed growth, from high concentration to multipolar competition, from serving life to enabling production, from model innovation to technological innovation, from starting at home to expanding abroad, and from industrial management to comprehensive governance.

[Table of Contents]

1.       China’s Internet Industry Achieved High-speed Development during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period

(1)    The industry was generally in an uptrend

(2)    Network facilities were upgraded

(3)    Application innovations continued to be active

(4)    Factors of development were gradually in place

(5)    Breakthroughs were made in technological innovation

(6)    Market expansion went international

(7)    Industry management shifted to comprehensive governance

2.       China’s Internet Industry Marches towards High-quality Development during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period

(1)   The construction of new networks is accelerated

(2)   Technological innovation is unprecedentedly valued

(3)   The role of data factors is brought into full play

(4)   Information technology enables production at a quicker pace

(5)   The reshaping of digital rules breeds new opportunities

3.       The Orderly and Healthy Development of the Internet Industry Still Faces Some Challenges

(1)   The international competitive strength is still weak

(2)   Industry side expansion will be a long-term process

(3)   The data factor market is immature

(4)   The normative and healthy development of platforms should be enhanced

(5)   The system for protecting laborers’ rights and interests needs to be perfected

(6)   The establishment of sound data governance rules needs to be accelerated

4.       Various Measures Should Be Taken to Promote the Sustainable Development of the Internet Industry

(1)   Strengthening multi-party cooperation to enhance international competitive strength

(2)   Deepening B-side integrated innovation to foster a strong industrial Internet

(3)   Improving the construction of data systems to optimize data market allocation

(4)   Improving industrial regulation to guide the order of platform competition

(5)   Perfecting the social security mechanism to protect the rights and interests of consumers and laborers

Participating in global digital governance to promote global sharing and co-governance

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