White Paper: China’s 5G Development and Its Economic and Social Impacts - Initial Progress on Exploring the Blue Ocean

  • 【Published by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Complied by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Published in】

      December 2021


Focusing on the introduction of 5G commercialization development trend to all sectors of society and the industry, this White Paper objectively sorts out the progress, achievements, economic and social impacts and problems of 5G commercialization development in 2021 and makes an analysis and research on its development direction in the next 1-2 years, expecting to provide valuable reference for all sectors of society to gain a deeper understanding of 5G industry development.



1.       New Trends in China’s 5G Development

(1)    Pioneering Policy Steers and Promotes Full Development of 5G Commercialization

(2)     Extending Network Coverage and Accelerating Precise and Intensive Network Construction

(3)     Enhanced Evolution of Technical Standards and Continued Support for Deepening Industrial Application

(4)     Rapid Growth in 5G Industry Chain, and Accelerated Competitive Adjustment by Equipment Manufacturers

(5)     Individuals and Industry Markets Working Together and Launching Scale Replication of Pilot Applications


2.       Impact of China’s 5G Development on Digital Economy

(1)     5G Opens Up New Space for Digital Industry Development

(2)     5G Promotes Continuous Integration of Digital Economy and Real Economy

(3)     5G Creates a Better Digital Life

(4)     Economic and Social Impact Further Enhanced but Challenges Remain to Fully Release It


3.       New Directions for China’s 5G Development in the Next 1-2 Years

(1)     Extending Network Coverage to Rural Areas and Strengthening Industry Capacity

(2)     Advancing Technical Standards to R18 and Clarifying Evolution Direction Step by Step

(3)     Exploring New Paths for Supporting Products and Continuously Improving Industrial    Ecology

(4)     Upgrading Consumer-Level Application and Demonstrating Industry-Level Application

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