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    China Mobile Phone Market Report, Dec. 2021

    December domestic mobile phone shipments were 33.4 million, up 25.6 percent year-over-year(y/y). 56 new models were released in the month, up 14.3 percent y/y.

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    Research Report on the Development and Application of Quantum Information Technology

    China has in place a sound foundation for research, application and practice with respect to quantum information technology (QIT), with a generally good development situation of the three major areas, and is expected to further achieve more new results in research, exploration of applications and cultivation of the industry.

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    Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year!

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    White Paper on Digital Carbon Neutrality

    Given the increasingly challenging global climate change situation, moving towards carbon neutrality has become a global consensus on addressing climate change. It is of great significance for China to put forward the targets of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, but it also faces severe challenges and a tight schedule and heavy task. Therefore, it is necessary to advance the work priorities of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality in a coordinated and orderly manner.

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    White Paper on Big Data

    With the core logic of releasing the value of data elements, the White Paper focuses on the policy, law, technology, management, flow and security of big data, and provides an outlook on the development of big data in China during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

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